Apr 19 2006

Image compression: Fourier vs Wavelets

Maurice Samulski

WaveletsDigital images have become an important source of information in the modern world of communication systems. Thinks about FBI fingerprints, MRI scans, ECG data, digital camera photos, building plans etc. In their raw form, these images require an enormous amount of memory. With the introduction of multimedia computing, the demand for processing, storing and transmitting images has increased exponentially. In the last two decades a considerable amount of research has been devoted to tackle the problem of image compression.

During the Research Lab 4 course, I wrote a paper about the similarities and differences, advantages and disadvantages of the two well known compression techniques: Fourier and Wavelets. JPEG, JPEG2000, DiVX and MPEG, all of them are based on one of these two techniques.

Research Paper (3.8 MB PDF) (5.5 MB PS)

Presentation (1.9MB PPT) (2.2MB PDF) (HTML)