Jan 21 2009

Norway January 2009

Maurice Samulski

I recently returned from a fabulous, but much too short vacation in snowy Norway. I flew to Oslo from Dusseldorf and made a long train trip from Oslo to Trondheim to finally meet my girlfriend face to face, who I have met six months ago by pure coincidence. Six days were far too short, to explore one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, with beautiful mountains, fjords, waterfalls and other great nature. I’ll certainly will return to see the beautiful scenes of Bergen, Lofoten, Stavanger, and many more places. Nevertheless, even in that short time I got a fairly good taste of the best things Norway has to offer, and my first real uphill skiing experience in the mountains was one of the best experiences I had in my life. Combined with meeting the girl of my dreams, it was certainly an unforgettable vacation.

See here some of the photo’s