May 27 2012

Lom and Ã…lesund

Maurice Samulski

Alesund and LomWe decided to celebrate May 17th, the national holiday of Norway, in a special way. We read that a guided tour on skies was organized at the highest mountain of Norway called Galdhøpiggen (2469m high) in Lom. We called one of the organizers and she said it would be suitable for everyone, young and old, experienced and novices (I am not really that good on skies). The tour started at the nice cottage Juvasshytta, and would end at the top of Galdhøpiggen. Unfortunately, the weather was not so good and there was fog everywhere. Even though advertised as being for everyone, the reality was different. The people that could not keep up the pace (including us) were sent down again after about one-third the trip. Because we were there for the social aspect it was a good choice to return and we have met a lot of nice people on the way back. The day after we decided to drive to Ålesund and spend the next two full days exploring this city. Driving through the valleys is a terrific journey by itself, and I wished I would have taken more photos on the way. May 18th we arrived in Ålesund. Ålesund is a beautiful little city at the coast of Norway, and has a lot of buildings in Art Nouveau architecture. That is because this fishing town burned down to the ground on January 1904 and had to be rebuilt completely. The touristic spots in town can be seen in one full day, but since we stayed for two days we took it easy. We had some great fish at the restaurants there and we enjoyed the nice view on the fjords that our hotel offered.

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