Feb 23 2011

Multiview CAD in TMI

IEEE TMIMy paper entitled “Optimizing case-based detection performance in a multi-view CAD system for mammography” has been accepted for publishing in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging and you can get it from here. It is my second publication, and I’m proud that it is going to appear in the highly ranked journal TMI. This article describes our approach to improve the clinically important case-based detection performance detecting masses in mammograms using a multi-view classifier with an alternative learning rule. Read further for the technical abstract.
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Feb 6 2011

London 2011

LondonMe and my fiancée spent a long weekend in London; it is the very first time that we have been to this city. We took the Eurostar high speed train from Brussels to London, and this was a comfortable and reasonably fast way to travel. We have seen just about all the major (touristic) sights, and enjoyed our time. Apart from our hotel at Harrow, which was a disappointment to us. However, the location of the hotel was quite good. It was close to the Underground Tube system, which brought us everywhere, affordable and fast. If I had to choose the best touristic sight we had, I would say the Tower of London. This amazing fortress was also used as a prison in British history. What I didn’t knew is that also the crown jewels are kept here… A must see.

View video of London.

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Jan 1 2011

Winter in Norway 2010

EngagementHappy new year everyone, or god nytt år as they say in Norway! I spend New Years eve with my fiancée in Norway, together with her friend Camilla and her boyfriend Simen. It was a nice Christmas aftermath, new years celebration and snowy vacation, where I experienced some new activities which Dutchies never do (at least as far as I know), for instance, ice fishing.
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Oct 19 2010

Mens broene brenner

Mens Broene BrennerTravelled to Norway (again), participating at the music theatre play my fiancee has written for a good cause of the Red Cross. It has been a huge success so far, and the reviews were good.

Click on the read more link to view the photo’s and some video’s.
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Jun 14 2010

My first journal article

European Radiology - Interactive CADYes!! After almost three years of hard work, I have my first journal article accepted for publication by European Radiology. It is published as open-access, so the article is free for everyone to download as a PDF. The article is entitled: “Using computer-aided detection in mammography as a decision support”. I’m very thrilled with my first publication, and I hope that I am on the right track getting my PhD. My second article about a multi-view CAD system is almost ready to be sent to an other journal for consideration. Read further for the abstract.

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Feb 12 2010

Barcelona in one day

Barcelona January 2010Being in Spain for the first time, attending the EIBIR winter school, I decided to explore Barcelona a little before flying back to The Netherlands. One day is way too short, but I had to be back in Holland to welcome my girlfriend coming from Norway. One day is short, but still I have been able to see some of the typical touristic attractions Barcelona has to offer. Click on the read more link to see some photo’s, and hopefully I’m going back to Spain with my girlfriend in the summer.
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Jan 26 2010

EIBIR Winter School 2010 – Viladrau

EIBIR Winter School ViladrauI’ve been to the EIBIR Winter School that took place from January 17 – 22, 2010 in Viladrau, Spain to learn a lot about biomedical imaging research focused on the two leading causes of death worldwide: cardiovascular and oncologic diseases. During the five days, there were a lot of intense lectures hosted in the Hostal de la Gloria, Viladrau. To break the week, we also had a very nice excursion: a walk through the forest with a guide that took us to the house of one of the most famous bandits: Serrallonga. After the heavy week of studying, we finished our stay in Viladrau and went up into the Turo de l’Home ( ‘mountain man’ in Castilian), which is the highest mountain in the Montseny massif with a height of 1712 meters.
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Jan 10 2010

Christmas in Norway

EngagementI went to Norway to experience my first Norwegian Christmas with my girlfriend. The hectic Christmas shopping spree is about the same as here. Also decorating a Christmas tree is common here. But on the country side there are some other special tradions, like drinking special Christmas beer “Juleøl”; traditional pork dishes as “ribbe” are made; an enormous amount of small cakes (rosettes, christmas cookies, etc), and “julekake”, a Christmas bread filled with raisins. Keeping the fireplace burning. On Christmas Eve we have put a bowl of porridge in the barn for the “nisse”, a mythical creature that protects the farm. Also mounting the “julenek” on poles for the birds (a stalk of oats, corn) is a tradition that takes place on Christmas Eve. And on the first Christmas day it’s quite common to not sit at home, but go outside skiing which I did too with my new skies I got from my parents in law.
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