Aug 31 2009

Engagement & Røros

Maurice Samulski

Engagement On the 19th August 2009, me and my girlfriend got engaged in Norway! To celebrate it we had a nice dinner with my girlfriend’s parents at Tautra Island at Frosta. The next day we had a beautiful trip to Røros, an old mining town in the east of Norway not far from the Swedish border. It has lots of beautiful wooden houses, cozy shops, a nice atmosphere, and a museum about Røros coppermine. The place we stayed at was called ErzscheidergÃ¥rden where every room is uniquely decorated. I can recommend it to everyone. Continue reading

Aug 18 2009

Sheep Gathering 2009

Maurice Samulski

Sheep Gathering 2009 Visiting Norway again, to have my first real sheep gathering experience. With a large flock of sheep spread out over the mountains, we went out and search for them. Armed with border collies, we gather the sheep and push them to the large flock and move them back to the cottage. First day was a very rainy day, difficult to see anything moving, but we were able to gather more sheep than expected. The second day was much better weather – and was a lot more nice to walk. We captured a lot of sheep. The next day it would rain again, and all the gathered sheep so far (around 200) were moved down to the parking lot and sorted out to their respective owners. All in all it was a great experience. Continue reading

Aug 11 2009

Lofoten and Mountains

Maurice Samulski

Back again from an exciting 3 weeks vacation to Norway, with my first real mountain trip experience. And if that wasn’t enough, me and my girlfriend made a nice road trip from Verdal to Lofoten, one of Norway’s most beautiful areas. And aside I’ve been to the Vømmølfestival, a festivity that has some similarities with Limburg’s carnaval.

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Mar 28 2009

Girlfriend March 2009

Maurice Samulski


After my exciting visit to beautiful Norway, my girlfriend came to visit me in Germany and meet my parents, my sister, relatives and friends for the first time and got to experience my home country, The Netherlands. It was wonderful and we spent a lot of time alone and with my family, the two weeks were over before we knew it. Thankfully, in 3 weeks I will be in Norway again to visit my girlfriend and her family again!

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Feb 15 2009

SPIE 2009

Maurice Samulski

SPIE Medical Imaging 2009
For the third time I went to the SPIE Medical Imaging conference, being held this year in Orlando, Florida. The meeting was from 6-12 February 2009 at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista. It is one of my favourite conferences, as it has an overall informal character, which enables one to network and share ideas among colleagues in the field. This year I’ve presented my work at a different session than usually, in the Image Perception, Observer Performance and Technology Assessment session. It was a very sunny week, and we had also opportunities to relax and enjoy the nice weather and food.
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Jan 21 2009

Norway January 2009

Maurice Samulski

I recently returned from a fabulous, but much too short vacation in snowy Norway. I flew to Oslo from Dusseldorf and made a long train trip from Oslo to Trondheim to finally meet my girlfriend face to face, who I have met six months ago by pure coincidence. Six days were far too short, to explore one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, with beautiful mountains, fjords, waterfalls and other great nature. I’ll certainly will return to see the beautiful scenes of Bergen, Lofoten, Stavanger, and many more places. Nevertheless, even in that short time I got a fairly good taste of the best things Norway has to offer, and my first real uphill skiing experience in the mountains was one of the best experiences I had in my life. Combined with meeting the girl of my dreams, it was certainly an unforgettable vacation.

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Dec 18 2008

Chicago 2008

Maurice Samulski

Chicago Woohoo! After an exhausting but successful week at the RSNA, it was time to free my mind and experience everything Chicago has to offer in 7 days. So I bought a Chicago CityPass booklet which gives access to the 5 most popular attractions (very recommended), rented a 4WD car and stayed at the affordable Motel 6 in Glenview, Chicago. It was quite cold, but nevertheless I’ve really enjoyed my stay.

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Dec 15 2008

RSNA 2008

Maurice Samulski

RSNA 2008I attended world’s biggest radiology conference in Chicago, Illinois to present our interactive CAD system for detection of masses in mammograms. The technical exhibit was a great success, more than 110 people have done (part of) the observer experiment – and the comments about using CAD in a different way were overall very positive.

Click here to get the exhibit posters, and AuntMinnie’s Insider Exclusive article.

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