Maurice Samulski

EgyptHere a some photos of my 2 weeks vacation to Egypt with a good friend of mine. While having a great time, we also experienced some of the bad aspects of Egypt. We were walking at the back of the Egyptian museum, just 50 meters away from the bridge where a suicide bomber decided to blow himself up. We heard a small explosion and saw a big pile of smoke and thought a gas tank or something was exploded. The authorities stayed very calm when it happened and started to increase security and errected road blocks around the scene, to avoid panic under tourists. And if that was not enough missery, we saw a tremendous fire close to the famous al-Khalili tourist bazaars, burning down 120 shops. Witnessed a car accident, where a man crossed the road and got hit by a car, flying some meters through the air.We agreed that was enough sensation for one vacation and were glad to be back in The Netherlands again :)

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