Girlfriend March 2009

Maurice Samulski


After my exciting visit to beautiful Norway, my girlfriend came to visit me in Germany and meet my parents, my sister, relatives and friends for the first time and got to experience my home country, The Netherlands. It was wonderful and we spent a lot of time alone and with my family, the two weeks were over before we knew it. Thankfully, in 3 weeks I will be in Norway again to visit my girlfriend and her family again!

See here for the photo’s  (updated again)

2 Responses to “Girlfriend March 2009”

  • Anne-Gudrun Says:

    No photos from Norway yet. Ooh. :-P

    And… finally remembering to tell you – that photo you have me on your frontpage? Ooooooohhh… I will have my revenge, hehe :)

  • Maurice Says:

    I’ve added a selection of them to the photo-album now :-)

    No need for revenge – you look great on that photo, honey.