Maurice Samulski

Texel, Border CollieIt has been a long time very silent on my blog, even though there has been a lot happening in my life. An emigration to Norway, leaving my family, a new employee, writing my thesis, yes, they were busy months. But now I have some time to write a new post again. A post devoted to someone we have a lot of joy with. It’s our border collie pup Texel! We named him after a Dutch island and ofcourse after the sheep-race. He’s playful, smart, energetic and just very fun. And dog trainers agree he is very promising as a sheep dog.

One Response to “Texel”

  • Mary Says:

    Hes a proper collie, mud, water and fun… has he winked at you yet?? I have two and they are soo funny but very smart.

    pity to here about the tatty teddy, I make handmade cards and have a lot of tatty teddy stuff but need to do messages inside!! will have to either buy the cd’s and hope that the fonts on them or do something of the wall!!